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Photo Printing Service

Free Prints is a photography software developed by PhotoAffections. The software helps users to print photos from various sources. It has a basic crop tool and printing utilities for processing photos in an instant. There are selectable photo sizes and printing quality for varying photo papers.

From Digital To Physical Photos

Before digital camera became available, users either hire photographers or take photos by themselves. Then had to send their photo films to a film processing store or darkroom. It will take hours or days to complete every photo in the reel. Photo developer personnel have to manually measure and cut the photos. A simple mistake in the process can ruin a single or whole reel. The advancement of photography technology made photo processing easier, cheaper and convenient.

Convenient Photo Selection

Free Prints gives users the option of printing photos from their computer or let PhotoAffections print the photos and delivered to them. Users can have high-quality photos for any kind of occasion. It can be for Birth Announcements, Event Invitations, Weddings, Graduation, Holidays or personal use. The default photo size is 4X6. Any photo from computers will be resized while keeping their quality. The other available photo sizes range from 5x5 to 20x30. Users have 85 free prints per month. They can crop their photos before printing it. PhotoAffections would retouch the photos with color reproduction, whites, and fade removal. This saves time for users who lack any photo editing skills or facilities. Users can print photos saved on any platform. It can be from their computer or online account. Some of the supported online accounts are Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Google Photos, Instagram, OneDrive, and SkyDrive. Users can switch between photo platforms before finishing their selection.

Intuitive Ordering Process

The expedited printing service will take 1 to 2 days, depending on the user’s location. There are 5 available paper styles to choose from, Classic Matte Cardstock, Photo-Style Cardstock, Premium Cardstock, Premium Matte, and Premium Glossy. PhotoAffections would retouch the photos they receive to ensure good-looking photos. The expense will be for shipping and handling.

Professional Grade Photo Prints

Free Prints makes photo printing efficient and time-saving. The photo retouching will be handled by PhotoAffections so that they look professional for occasions. Users can have photo batches in various print size. They can either print it or request photo delivery within days.


  • 85 free monthly prints
  • Multiple print size options
  • Photo processing by PhotoAffections


  • Limited functionality
  • More printing options available upon purchase
  • Requires 600x900 JPEG images
  • Limited to United States, Alaska, and Hawaii

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